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Ozford High School

Ozford High School

Ozford is a private institution offering many opportunities for general students to excel from year 9 to bachelor, located in Melbourne CBD. It offers employment or university pathway options.

Ozford consists of three colleges: Ozford English Language Centre, Ozford College, and Ozford College of Business.  

At Ozford, the emphasis is on linking with practice to ensure students receive not only an academic education but practical life experiences. Students are provided with the opportunity to practice skills learned by undertaking real life projects.

Term intakes:

  • Term 1: 5 Feb – 30 Mar
  • Term 2: 16 Apr – 22 Jun
  • Term 3: 9 Jul – 14 Sep
  • Term 4: 1 Oct – 7 Dec

English Requirement
ELTS 5.0 or equivalent (No band less than 5.0); OR IELTS 4.0 plus maximum 40 weeks of Ozford’s ELICOS course.